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Roto-Fab put eight months of development into this cold air intake system for the 2016-17 Camaro SS — and the hard work has paid off! The system delivers great performance as a standalone upgrade without requiring a tune or any modifications to the vehicle.

The Roto-Fab design packs the biggest air box and filter possible into the available real estate. The open top effectively seals the air box to the hood to maximize air box volume while providing all of the advantages of a lid. The air box and duct work are custom molded to maximize airflow and fit the car perfectly. It flows enough air to feed high-horsepower naturally aspirated and supercharged applications. Roto-Fab even molded in inserts for air box and MAF sensor mounting.

The Roto-Fab cold air intake is available with a choice of an oiled or dry filter element. You can even get one with a sound tube delete option that eliminates the sound tube assembly from the inlet elbow all the way back to the firewall.

Don’t have a Camaro SS?

Roto-Fab also makes cold air intakes for earlier Gen 5 Camaro plus 2008-09 Pontiac G8 and 2005-10 Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Magnum with the Hemi V8. We also carry Roto-Fab engine and plenum covers, reservoir kits, and other components for Gen 5 and 6 Camaros.

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Author: David Fuller

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