Summit Racing retail store in Tallmadge, Ohio

(Image/Summit Racing Equipment)

We try hard to keep the content of our articles reader-focused, but we’re not above throwing some love toward the company that makes OnAllCylinders possible.

Our friends at Summit Racing Equipment were named the Customer Service Business of the Year by the Ohio House of Representatives and regional Chamber of Commerce officials.

While Summit Racing also has locations in Georgia, Nevada and another on the way in Texas, the company’s history is rooted firmly in Summit County, Ohio where its corporate headquarters and performance parts retail super store live in Tallmadge, OH near Akron.

The Summit Racing crew does have a reputation for providing outstanding customer service, so it’s an award well deserved. And since you’re likely to be a vehicle owner who buys parts and tools and prefers good service, we suppose this article is still about you after all.

Hats off to the good people at Summit Racing.

(Image courtesy of Summit Racing Equipment)

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