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Spy Shots: Is This The New Mid-Engine Corvette?

midengine corvette spy photo

This is believed to be the first good look at a fully redesigned midengine Chevy Corvette getting a run-through at a GM winter-testing facility. The car will reportedly be sold in 2019. (Image/KGP Photography)

We try to stay out of the rumor mill, but when Automotive News asserted this was the best look yet at what is believed to be a fully redesigned mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette reportedly slated for a 2019 release, it seemed irresponsible to not at least mention it.

Despite its naysayers, the Corvette has been the standard bearer in American factory automotive performance since 1953. And switching to a mid-engine design in an effort by General Motors to court younger buyers would be the most radical Corvette move since NOT releasing one in 1983.

KGP Photography caught these spy shots of what industry watchers say is a prototype of the new mid-engine Corvette getting a workout at one of GM’s winter-testing facilities. The car features a lower hood line, longer rear deck, and a shorter dash-to-axle ratio than the current C7 Corvette.

GM officials haven’t confirmed anything, including whether they’re actually planning to release a mid-engine vehicle. No one knows whether a mid-engine performance car would be the new C8 and replace the current generation entirely, or coexist alongside it, leaving Corvette enthusiasts with both front- and mid-engine options.

Automotive News requires a subscription for access, but you can also see more spy photos at Motor Authority here.


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