2016 Year in Review

2016 Top Car Culture Stories (Year in Review)

Editor’s Note: Time flies when you’re having fun. As we close out another year, we’ll spend the next several days looking back at our top stories of 2016. We start today with our top car culture stories, including some of our favorite OnAllCylinders campaigns,  from the year-gone-by.

Top 10 Engines of the Last 30 Years


You can’t have a site called OnAllCylinders without paying homage to some of the best performance engines around. We unveiled the reader-selected best American performance engines of all time a couple of years ago. We followed that up in 2016 by asking for your opinions on the best American performance engine of the last 30 years.

You obliged. And we posted.

Muscle Car Match-Ups


While the madness of March gripped basketball fans, hot rod fans were voting for their favorite muscle car in the return of our popular Muscle Car Match-Ups contest. While the Cameron Crazies and IZZONE inhabitants displayed their basketball spirit with multi-colored wigs and foam fingers, we asked you to use your actual fingers to click and vote for the top muscle car via social media.

Who won?

You’ll have to click to find out.

The 10 Best Jeeps of All Time


The year 2016 was the 75th anniversary of the venerable Jeep.

There have been a lot of great Jeep models since 1941, but we listed our 10 faves.

3rd Annual Readers’ Choice Awards


Did you hear there was an election in 2016? Yep—we could only be talking about our Readers’ Choice Awards. You got to pick winners in a variety of auto-related categories, including Best Full Size Truck, Best Diesel Engine, Best Build Style, Best Aftermarket EFI Manufacturer, and more.

See the winners here.

Our Top 10 Chevrolet Camaros of All Time


The Chevy Camaro was introduced in 1966 and eventually helped escalate the muscle car wars of the 1960s and 70s. Because we love top 10 lists, obviously, we opted to look at the Top 10 Chevy Camaros of all-time.

And there’s no disputing them.

Okay, there can be a little disputing them.


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