1969 Chevy Camaro RS/SS

We’ve heard this story before.

Tough times force a gearhead to get rid of his beloved muscle car for a more family-friendly version, and he immediately regrets the decision.

Ron Anderson became part of that demographic a few years back.

“I had the blue ’69 [Camaro] for almost 30 years and, with the help of Summit Racing, it went through many incarnations through the years,” he told us. “Like many other people, when the economy stalled out it got put on the back burner as I was unable to complete its transformation into a leaf spring drag radial car.”

Anderson’s frustration with the Camaro pushed him to make what he called a “tragic mistake.”

“Frustrated that I could not seem to get it finished, I made a foolish decision and traded my old friend of almost 30 years for a very nice complete car.”

Anderson said remorse quickly set in, and he set out to find another 1969 Camaro.

“I searched and went through several cars before I saw something that struck a heart string: A beautiful red ’69 Camaro that looked shockingly like my old friend,” he said. “I had to have it! I ventured all the way from Georgia to New York on a weekend adventure with my wife to bring back my new friend!”

Anderson has only had the Camaro for a year, but he is already in love. And how could he not be? His red ’69 Camaro RS/SS is powered by an 18-degree Dart-headed 434 and Reid Powerglide transmission. It has a 12-bolt rear end, four-wheel Wilwood disc brakes, Mickey Thompson drag radials from Summit Racing, Weld Magnum drag wheels and a Calvert suspension in the rear.

“It is not mini-tubbed or cut up and is all steel except the fiberglass hood,” Anderson said.

Anderson, who now works for FedEx, said he used to have an automotive shop and worked on many hot rods over the years.

“I bought and installed tons of parts from Summit Racing for my customers’ cars and mine as well!” he told us. “Although I don’t have the shop anymore, I still buy my personal parts from Summit. I also get the privilege of delivering other people’s go-fast goodies from Summit in my new job!”

When posted to Summit Racing’s Facebook page, Anderson’s ’69 Camaro was so popular it was voted among the Top 12 October Fan Rides. Just this week, Summit Racing’s FacebookGoogle+ and Instagram fans named it the Top Fan Ride for October 2016.

And Anderson, with his still-new-to-him 1969 Camaro, couldn’t be more pleased.

“It is an honor to be noticed,” he said. “Thank you!”

Enjoy more pictures of Anderson’s ’69 Camaro below.







Author: Sean Cutright

Sean Cutright is the OnAllCylinders.com Managing Editor.