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SEMA 2016: The Latest Products from the Holley Family — Sniper EFI and More!

LAS VEGAS, NV — If you’ve been paying close attention to the aftermarket, you know that Holley isn’t just Holley anymore. Sure, the Holley brand of carburetors and fuel system components is still one of the most revered brands in the high performance automotive industry. But the Holley family now also includes 17 other brands, according to Holley’s Bobby Writesman. These are brands you likely know and trust — MSD, Hooker, NOS, Earl’s, Hays, and QuickTime, among others.

Writesman says the company “dress rehearsal” for the 2016 SEMA Show, which allowed the Holley staff to familiarize itself with its sizeable display, took about two hours. During this time, team members took a refresher course on the latest products from all the Holley brands — and there were many.

Here’s what caught our eye as Writesman gave us the tour:

Holley Sniper EFI

Holley recently launched the Sniper self-tuning EFI system and is offering it in versions that can support up to 1,250 horsepower. The completely self-contained system has the ECU incorporated within the throttle body and is a direct bolt-on carburetor replacement. The system starts at just $999.

Watch our video to learn more:

MSD Black Distributors and Ignition Boxes


Many enthusiasts are opting for low-profile engine components. To meet that demand, Holley has launched a line of MSD black ignition components as an alternative to MSD’s iconic red distributors and boxes. According to Writesman, the black versions have proven popular early on. Not a surprise, because really — who doesn’t like having choices? And since you’re getting the same proven MSD performance as you would on the red versions, you really can’t go wrong.

Earl’s UltraPro Series Fuel Line


Today’s fuel systems must deal with harsh environments, extreme vibration, and high fuel pressures. Plus, today’s modern fuel formulas contain additives that old school fuel lines just can’t handle. That’s why Earl’s UltraPro components are made with PTFE, which won’t deteriorate when used with modern fuels.

Hooker BlackHeart Exhaust Products


BlackHeart exhaust products are Holley/Hooker’s solution for the needs of late model vehicles. They’re available for today’s most popular cars and trucks, including 2014-16 Challenger, 2016 Camaro, C7 Corvettes, Silverados, F-150s, and many others. You can also find swap-specific components that allow you to swap LS engines into early GM A-body applications.

Hays Dragon Claw Performance Clutches

Hays Dragon Claw Clutch

Hays has developed a revolutionary new clutch that uses patented lever-assisted technology. This allows its Dragon Claw clutches to provide increased torque holding capacity while maintaining a near-stock feel. In fact, the clutch has been proven to hold for turbo and supercharged vehicles with up to 1,150 ft.-lbs. of torque. According to Writesman, the clutch uses a proprietary ceramic friction material that’s streetable, yet aggressive.

Holley Vintage Series Accessories


Whether you’re looking for an original look for your old school Chevy, or want to bring a vintage look to your modern LS engine, Holley’s Vintage Series valve covers, air cleaners, and valley covers can deliver. They feature a classic finned design and the nostalgic script logos of Holley and Chevrolet, in some cases.

Holley Sniper EFI Fuel Tanks


Did you know Holley offers fuel tanks?

Neither did we — until today.

According to Writesman, they just launched the line within the past few months. Holley is touting them as the missing piece for an EFI conversion. The coated galvanized steel tanks have a 255 lph fuel pump with hanger assembly and EFI style baffling. The fuel pump and sender are recessed in the tank to make installation easy — no modifications necessary. It’s designed to look like an OE tank when installed, and Holley even offers notched tanks for first-generation F-bodies with rear suspension upgrades and larger rear tires.

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