LAS VEGAS, NV — RideTech, a company which makes affordable vehicle-specific modern suspension kits for classic muscle cars, introduced two fun new suspension toys at the 2016 SEMA Show.

The first product is a fully revamped AirPod air-suspension system for 2017—a totally plug-and-play system that eliminates wiring and plumbing hassles during installation, and mounts pretty much anywhere.

RideTech AirPod 2017 air suspension systemThe second product is an all-new electronic shock system developed from RideTech’s partnership with DSC Sport.

According to RideTech, the new AirPod system features include:

  • Modular bolt-together design and double O-ring sealing which eliminates welding
  • Integrated ECU, compressor, solenoids, and sensors mean 80 percent less wiring and plumbing  than traditional systems
  • Externally accessible components for durability and easy serviceability
  • Simple and clean air-line routing system
  • Environmentally sealed construction with horizontal or vertical mounting options

RideTech Instinct electronic shock systemRegarding the new stand-alone electronic shock system, RideTech president Bret Voelkel compared the technology to 20 years ago when the development of electronic fuel injection set the direction for automotive air/fuel system innovation.

“We have been investigating various avenues toward this end for several years. The DSC format has proven to be the most-effective format available,” Voelkel said. “We have been testing this system on a couple of our cars for several months with great success, and look forward to supplying this technology to our customers. We have named this electronic shock package ‘Instinct’ because of its ability to anticipate road and track conditions and make immediate changes to damping forces.”