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Please Help Our Friends at BangShift Save a Life

The wife of BangShift Publisher Chad Reynolds is in a life-threatening battle against lung cancer, and the drag-racing and hot-rodding communities are being called upon to help win this fight.

Daphne Reynolds has been diagnosed with Stage III or IV (we’ve seen conflicting info) small-cell lung cancer. Regardless, it’s the kind of news no one ever wants to hear.

Chad and Daphne Reynolds BangShift

Chad and Daphne Reynolds (Image/BangShift)

The Reynolds and extended BangShift family are well-liked in the racing and gearhead universe, and they earned that by being exactly the kind of people who jump at the chance to help others in need.

Now it’s our turn to do the same.

As this fight begins, steep medical bills will mount, while Chad loses the ability to work as he tends to his family. Even the toughest people can use a little backup sometimes.

This is one of those times.

If you feel compelled to help, please do so by contributing to this GoFundMe campaign set up to assist Daphne’s victory over cancer.

The thoughts and prayers of the OnAllCylinders team and extended Summit Racing family are with the Reynolds and the good folks at BangShift until Daphne and Chad capture this win light.

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