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Ken Block Unveils the Hoonicorn V2 Mustang! 1,400 Horsepower, Anyone?


Much like those Spinal Tap guys managed to find an 11 setting on their amplifier, Ken Block has found away to take his famous Hoonicorn Mustang beyond the highest level of performance imaginable.

Block, the man behind the wheel of the wildly popular Gymkhana videos, unveiled “Hoonicorn Version 2” yesterday via Facebook Live. Hoonicorn Version 2, an updated version of the famous 1965 Ford Mustang that appeared in the Gymkhana 7 video, sports twin, open Garrett turbos and is methanol fed. Block says he went with the methanol setup for power and cooling purposes, especially since the turbos utilize no intercoolers.

All told, Hoonicorn Version 2 makes 1,400 horsepower — a significant jump from the original Hoonicorn’s 850 horsepower. Toyo created special compound tires to attempt to keep the Mustang glued to the pavement and the Mustang is now covered in reflective black livery.

“It frightening to drive,” Block said during the Facebook reveal. “They did too good of a job!”

Check out the unveil and learn more about Hoonicorn 2.0 on the Hoonigan Facebook page.

You can hear those turbos whine and watch Block have an impromptu marshmallow roast in the video below.

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