What a road it’s been for the Buick Skylark.

The venerable Buick started life as a convertible-only trim level of the Buick Roadmaster and was conceived to help Buick commemorate its 50th anniversary.

Then, after a brief, two-year existence, it was gone.

It was resurrected for a two-year stint as a luxury trim level of the Buick Special before becoming a model of its own in 1964. The Buick Skylark would change dramatically over the next eight model years, going from a compact to mid-size vehicle. It would become a viable high performance vehicle, and it even gave rise to a popular new model: the Gran Sport.

Then it was gone again in the early 1970s — only to return again later.

Follow all that?

In case you didn’t, we’ve created this quick guide to identifying the early model Buick Skylarks.

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Author: David Fuller

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