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Ride Guides: A Quick Guide to Identifying Early Buick Skylarks

What a road it’s been for the Buick Skylark.

The venerable Buick started life as a convertible-only trim level of the Buick Roadmaster and was conceived to help Buick commemorate its 50th anniversary.

Then, after a brief, two-year existence, it was gone.

It was resurrected for a two-year stint as a luxury trim level of the Buick Special before becoming a model of its own in 1964. The Buick Skylark would change dramatically over the next eight model years, going from a compact to mid-size vehicle. It would become a viable high performance vehicle, and it even gave rise to a popular new model: the Gran Sport.

Then it was gone again in the early 1970s — only to return again later.

Follow all that?

In case you didn’t, OnAllCylinders contributor Lori Sams has created this quick guide to identifying the early model Buick Skylarks. It covers everything from the finned 50s versions to the muscled 70s machines (all the stuff you might see at your local car show).


(click to enlarge).

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  1. david truehart says:

    just found this quick guide for identifying skylarks, love it!! it was posted on Pinterest. by chance is it available as a poster for purchase anywhere? Thank you, Dave Truehart

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