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Buyer’s Guide: 10 Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Gearheads

Father’s Day is approaching fast, and at least some of you are doing that thing where we wait until we’re writing blog posts about Father’s Day gifts with only a few days to spare to think: Hmmm. What should I get for dad?

It’s a problem. We know.

The surest and fastest way to please a gearhead dad this Father’s Day is probably to roll with a ship-by-email Summit Racing gift cardBut for those of us looking to put our personal stamp on this year’s gift for dad, we’ve assembled another list of unique gift ideas for the dad who loves cars, hangs out in garages and man caves, and lives the hotrod lifestyle.

Maybe some would be a good choice for a dad you know. (Or yourself. We won’t judge.)

Unique Father’s Day Gift Buyer’s Guide

Summit Gifts Muscle Car Source Book: All the Facts, Figures, Statistics and Production Numbers

muscle car source book

Even walking muscle car encyclopedias will learn something from author Mike Mueller’s 240-page book.

Genuine Hotrod Hardware Shift Knob Bottle Stoppers (set of 3)

shift knob bottle stoppers

You can try to find cooler bottle stoppers, but you won’t!

Summit Gifts Harley-Davidson® Ride Hard Tin Sign

harley davidson ride hard tin sign

Heck. Even dads without bikes like Harley-Davidson. Anyone a passion for Harleys will love this sign.

Genuine Hotrod Hardware Air Tool Racks

air tool rack

An organized garage is a functional garage. This popular and easy-to-install air tool rack will help.

Genuine Hotrod Hardware Redline Racer

redline racer

It’s logic-defyingly fun. Seriously. You literally have more fun playing with this than makes sense. Which might be true about all car guy stuff.

Summit Gifts Rechargeable LED Work Light

rechargable LED work light

This is a brilliantly designed and user-friendly work light with padded hooks to protect your paint. It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and energy-efficient LED lights to help you see no matter where you are.

Summit Gifts Tiki Bar LED Sign

Tiki Bar LED Sign

Perfect for man caves, bars, game rooms, garages, or any Parrothead dads out there.

Summit Gifts Mini Collectable Tool Box

busted knuckle garage mini toolbox

This miniature tool box is bigger than it looks and is a great place for dad to throw his wallet, keys, and loose change when he gets home every day.

Summit Gifts Bee Line Dragway Sign

bee line dragway sign

Drag racing fans in the Southwest may be familiar with the famed Bee Line Dragway. Even those who aren’t will appreciate this tribute to drag racing history.

Summit Gifts ‘Caution: May Not Get Along With Others’ Tin Sign

caution may not get along with others tin sign

Even though you hold a special place in dad’s heart, he’s a no-nonsense guy with little tolerance for shenanigans, tomfoolery, or ballyhoo. Might as well offer guests a fair warning.

Here’s to a happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.


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