The Ford Falcon lived from 1960 to 1970 (technically model year 1970 1/2), outselling its GM and Chrysler rivals for several of those years.

The two-door compact shared a chassis with the Mercury Comet for the first five years of its production run, when its vehicle class included the Chevrolet Corvair and Chrysler’s Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart.

The most spirited Ford Falcon models were outfitted with 4.3L 260-cubic-inch V8 engines. Two milder engine offerings were lower-displacement inline-sixes.

We all know that person who is a walking automotive encyclopedia. They’re able to look at a car or truck, quickly tell us the year, make, model, and secretly make us jealous.

These Ride Guides are designed to help you become that person.

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But before you do, get to know the Ford Falcon here.

How to Identify Ford Falcons
(Infographic by OnAllCylinders contributor Lori Sams)
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Author: Matt Griswold

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