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Infographic: A Handy Maintenance Checklist for National Car Care Month — and Beyond!

Proper vehicle maintenance is something we can all get behind.

Whether you own a vintage muscle car, late-model import, or almost-new daily driver, maintenance is essential to keeping your ride running its best. Though April is technically considered “National Car Care Month” by the good people at the Car Care Council, it’s never a bad time to get under the hood and have a look around.

The infographic below, courtesy of, provides a visual reminder of key maintenance items on your vehicle and when to perform them. If you’re a seasoned wrench-turner, you’re probably already aware of most of the tasks. As people who sometimes forget to take out the garbage or change the batteries in our smoke detectors, we still think it’s nice to have a reminder.

Print your maintenance to-do list below.

We’ve also included a few links to maintenance items to have on-hand.


Maintenance Items

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