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Ride Guides: A Quick Guide to Identifying 1979-93 Fox-Body Ford Mustangs

In the latest installment of Ride Guides, we take a closer look at the Ford Mustang Fox Body era, a 14-year Mustang production run beloved by Ford Mustang loyalists and performance enthusiasts (and also sometimes hated, possibly because of beige 1981 notchbacks).

The ability to identify the year, make, and model of certain vehicles is a point of pride for many a car lover.

And that’s what Ride Guides are all about. Helping you learn the design tweaks from model year to model year, so you can impress your friends.

The path to impressing them begins here.

Infographic by OnAllCylinders contributor Lori Sams

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  1. robert cowels says:

    How do I get a copy of this poster?

  2. Roy k. Jenkins says:

    How can I get one

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