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Monday Mailbag: Straight-Line 90/10 Racing Shocks For Street?


Q: Occasionally, I take my street-driven 1993 Ford Mustang to the track for some drag racing. I’d like to get more traction off of the line. Will 90/10 front shocks help, and are they suitable for street use?

A: Designed strictly for straight-line racing applications, 90/10 shocks will let your vehicle’s front end rise quickly and then slowly settle back down. While they deliver excellent weight transfer and better traction at the strip, they’re not safe for street driving. On the road, 90/10 shocks can adversely affect your vehicle’s alignment and handling, making it difficult to control on bumpy surfaces and in corners. For better traction at the strip combined with improved handling on the street, outfit your Mustang with a new set of rear control arms like these.

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  1. How about adjustable shocks?

  2. Since your Mustang has front strut assemblies you could have a race strut assembly with the correct spring rate and shocks built and just swap out the assemblies aka “quick struts” in the repair bus. once you have everything set its takes about ten minutes a side And you can put on your race front rubber at the same time. If you switch to rear slicks you can set the pinon angle as well Its always agood idea to spend some time going over the car prior to track day just check over fastners ,look for leaks that way when you get to the track you can maximize your fun and focus on tuning and driving!

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