Like a New Years’ resolution to get to the gym, many homeowners aspire to clean and organize their garage.

So, we wanted to look at some cool stuff that could help us make our garages look nicer and function better.

Thanks to our friends at Summit Gifts, Clothing & Memorabilia, we were able to find some.

Make your garage a room you can be proud of with these 10 great organizing tools.

Wonder Winder Cord Winder

garage cord winder

The Wonder Winder makes it easy to wind and store long extension cords without knots, kinks, or twists. It’s built tough in the USA, can wind up to 150 feet of extension cord in 30 seconds, and can be mounted for either right- or left-handed use.

No-Drip Grease Gun Holder

garage grease gun holder

Looking for a way to store or set down your grease gun without constant dripping to worry about? That’s what this thing does with a small catch tray that will keep your garage floor or workbench mess-free.

Aluminum Air Tool Rack

garage aluminum air tool rack

You’ll never rummage around for an air tool again once you start storing them in one place like a responsible adult. All your air tools, oils, and lubricants in one place. Your mother will be proud.

Folding Tire Loft

garage tire loft

When not in use, this folding loft couldn’t be more out of the way. But when you need it? You just fold it down for a 32 x 48-inch loft that will hold four tires off the floor (up to 300 pounds).

Cabinet with Fold-Down Work Tray

garage cabinet with folding tray

Store motor oil, aerosol cans, and other consumables in this aluminum cabinet with a fold down work tray. This thing even has sneaky little shop towel paper towel holders hidden underneath. We like the multi-functionality.

Retractable Air Reel

garage retractable air hose reel

You can eliminate tangled air hoses forever with this air reel, featuring retractable auto-rewind. This reel can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and swivels on its mount to make your life easier. The hose release latches in 18-inch intervals, eliminating that common fight, and this extra-large reel holds 50 feet of hose for more-efficient working, and infinitely fewer bad words being said.

Propane Torch Holder

garage propane torch holder

It’s not that fun finding a good place to store propane torches. Here’s a handy solution. These holders keep standard 16-ounce propane torches upright, preventing both damage and tip-overs. Installation is a breeze, and once you’re done? One less thing to worry about forever. That’s always nice.

Author: Matt Griswold

After a 10-year newspaper journalism career, Matt Griswold spent another decade writing about the automotive aftermarket and motorsports. He was part of the original OnAllCylinders editorial team when it launched in 2012.