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Project Thunderbolt LS3 V8 Miata (Part 5): Engine Goodies, Cooling, and More

There is a lot happening in this episode of our LS Miata swap. First, we installed the Chevrolet Performance CTS-V Accessory Drive System on our LS3.  This impressive kit includes everything needed to add power steering, an alternator, water pump, and air conditioning. The CTS-V kit fit in our tight engine bay with room to spare. The best part, though, is not having to piece together a complex serpentine drive system ourselves, which can be difficult and costly.

Other tasks in this episode include mounting the Fluidyne radiator, fabricating a mount for our new drive-by-wire gas pedal, bolting on the shorty headers, and making room for the Corvette Z06 cold air intake that will feed our LS376/525 engine all the air it will ever need.


The Chevrolet Performance CTS-V Accessory Drive System provides a compact, OEM-engineered way to install air conditioning, power steering, an alternator, and the water pump on our LS3. From the thorough instructions to the labeled hardware, the Chevy Performance kit was easy to install and the fit was factory perfect.

The Fluidyne radiator we’re installing. The all-aluminum radiator is designed specifically for an LS Miata swap, and comes with a 16 inch electric fan.

The lower radiator supports had to be moved forward a couple inches. This involved sparks.

This is the new drive-by-wire gas pedal mounted to our Miata’s stock pedal assembly. The pedal is included in the Chevrolet Performance Engine Controller Kit that we’ll install later.

This is the Corvette Z06 cold air intake and related parts needed to make it work in our Miata. This intake pulls in fresh air, houses our mass airflow meter, and looks pretty cool too!

Making room for the Z06 air intake. The Sawzall makes any day much, much more fun.

Bolting on our new shorty headers. Mmmmm, shiny.

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