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Video: The Whys and Hows of Installing a Water Crossover Kit on Your Replica Boss 302/351 Clevor

Want to build a Boss replica engine? Trick Flow Specialties’ Clevor water crossover kits allow you to mate Trick Flow PowerPort Cleveland cylinder heads to a Ford Windsor engine, giving you a higher-flowing setup similar to the one that made the Boss 302 a legend.

In this Trick Flow TV video you’ll learn how to drill and tap your Trick Flow intake manifold in order to install a water crossover kit—a necessary step to complete the top end on your Boss replica 302 or 351 Clevor.

The crossover kit replaces the water passage and thermostat housing on a factory Windsor intake manifold with one that redirects the coolant out the front of the PowerPort cylinder heads and moves the thermostat housing horizontally above the original Windsor location.

The video shows you how pilot dimples take the guesswork out of drilling and tapping for the installation and ensures that you get the job done correctly the first time.

Check it out.

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