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Gearhead Gift Guide (Part 2): Great Gift Ideas for Mopar Fans

Like the rarity of a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird or a 1968 Dodge HEMI Dart, there is something elusive about the perfect Christmas gift.

Especially for guys.

Especially for Mopar guys.

Why is Dad so impossible to shop for?

But deep within the recesses of the Internet lives a magical place whispered about in garages and race pits, alike. A place without boring oxford shirts or a 29th pair of fake-leather gloves. A place without scarves or cheap musk. A place where hotrodders instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

We’re talking about a little place called Aspen Summit Racing.

You can hear it if you listen. The roar of the 426 HEMI. The throaty growl of the Dodge Scat Pack.

Mopar or no car?

Let your Mopar thirst be quenched, ladies and gentlemen.

On the prowl for Mopar-themed gifts? You’ve come to right place.

Great Gifts for Mopar Lovers

Book of Dodge and Plymouth Muscle

Dodge and Plymouth Muscle Book

Brush up on the history of some of the finest muscle cars ever to grace the road. It is a complete guide detailing all the great Mopars from the Muscle Car Era. Written by a Mopar fan, for Mopar fans.

1:6 Scale Die-Cast Top Fuel 426 HEMI Engine

426 HEMI Engine


It’s a detailed model of a 426 HEMI. We didn’t need a sales pitch to want one.

Mopar HEMI Neon Clock

Mopar Hemi Neon Clock


Class up the joint with a Mopar neon wall clock. Neon turns regular spaces into awesome spaces. Just ask bars.

Mopar Piston Keychain

Mopar piston keychain

A nice inexpensive stocking stuffer for the Mopar fan in your life.

HEMI Liquid Metal Cap

Hemi liquid metal hat

Because, HEMI.

Mopar Pit Shirt

Mopar pit shirt

This great mechanic’s shirt is probably better suited for keeping clean and away from garage grime. But this is America. And you’re allowed to wear this wherever you want.

Dodge: 100 Years

Dodge 100 years book

A century of Dodge in one awesome book.

Vintage Mopar ’37-’47 Tin Sign

Mopar vintage sign

Because vintage is cool.


Merry Mopar Christmas, boys and girls.

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