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Chrysler Slashes Viper Price $15,000 in Hopes of Boosting Sales

Dodge is knocking $15,000 off the price of the Viper in an effort to ignite sales of the 640-horsepower, V-10-powered performance car.

Dodge will cut $15,000 off the 2015 model—bringing the new base sticker to $86,880—as well as slashing $15,000 off all in-stock models, and offering $15,000 coupons to the 1,025 customers who already bought a 2013 or 2014 Viper. The company is also opening up Viper sales to all Dodge dealers. Those coupons will be good for them or an immediate family member through Jan. 2, 2018.

“I can eliminate the depreciation you have today in your car if you come in and trade it in, or get you pretty damn close,” said Tim Kuniskis, the head of the Dodge brand, in an interview with Automotive News.

The company is set to begin taking orders for the 2015 model year, though there are still more than 600 unsold Vipers at Chrysler dealers, including about 200 2013 models. Chysler’s Connor Avenue plant in Detroit, where the Viper is built, has been open just 10 days since April 14 and has not been building cars since July 3, the Automotive News story said. Moving forward, Dodge will market the Viper with the rest of the Dodge vehicle lineup, and treat it as a halo vehicle.

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  1. About time. I’m a huge fan of the V10 engine. Sure, the vehicle is hard to handle, but so is any kind of wild animal. If you want control and precision versus pure horsepower and torque, the way American muscle is supposed to be, go turn your traction control on and drive a V6 Mustang.

  2. I’ll take a viper over a vette any day… If I could afford them. Good news though, with this the viper is about the same price as the vette’s.

  3. Why not make a $35,000. Version and let the middle class have one without breaking the bank?
    They did it with the Challenge….
    hellcat, SRT, RT and the 6 cylinder.
    Anyone can play then.

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