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tfs-3271t002-c01Trick Flow GenX 260 Cylinder Heads for GM LS7

Combine a big bore (4.100 inch and up) engine block with a pair of Trick Flow’s new GenX 260 LS7 aluminum cylinder heads and a decent camshaft, and you’ve got monstrous LS power in a lightweight package.

Trick Flow improved on GM’s LS7 head design in several ways:

  • CNC Competition Ported runners with a premium high resolution surface finish—ideal for all-out airflow and performance throughout the entire powerband.
  • Modular one-piece, billet aluminum rocker arm mounts that are removable when using shaft mount rocker arms
  • More material added to the A356-T61 aluminum castings for increased rigidity and strength
  • Through-deck coolant holes that fit all GM LS gasket and block combinations
  • Clearance for 3/8 inch pushrods
  • Available 6-bolt per cylinder clamping for GMPP LSX and other aftermarket blocks

Trick Flow GenX 260 cylinder heads for GM LS7 work with all LS7-style intake manifolds. The heads maintain the factory intake and exhaust port locations, valve angles, and valve locations to work with existing LS7-based pistons. Fully assembled cylinder heads include valves, valve springs, steel or titanium spring retainers, valve seals, and die-forged steel valve locks. Stock-style 1.8-ratio LS7 rocker arms with upgraded bearings are recommended for street use. Roller rocker arms recommended for racing applications.

Here are the specs:

  • Combustion Chambers: 69cc CNC-profiled
  • Intake Runners: 260cc CNC Competition Ported
  • Exhaust Runners: 87cc CNC Competition Ported
  • Valve Sizes: 2.200-inch intake/1.600-inch exhaust
  • Valve Angles: 12 degree
  • Valve Guides: Trick-Alloy powdered metal
  • Standard Valve Springs: 1.300-inch dual, 370 lbs/ inch rate, .625-inch maximum valve lift
  • Optional Valve Springs: 1.300-inch o.d. dual, 448 lbs./inch rate, .650-inch maximum valve lift