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Video: How Conical Valve Springs Can Add Muscle to Your Engine

In this video, Billy Godbold, chief cam designer and astrophysicist at COMP Cams, explains how COMP Cams’ conical valve springs help control heat and friction by dampening spring vibrations and provide much longer spring life than cylindrical or even beehive designs.

The conical springs are perfect for the racer wanting to run a more-aggressive camshaft, COMP Cams says.

By progressively reducing the diameter of the spring from the bottom coil to the top, COMP Cams says conical springs offer several advantages, including:

  • Natural dampening without an additional spring creating more heat and friction.
  • About a 33-percent reduction in spring weight and mass relative to a typical dual spring.
  • The top of the spring generates less load over the nose at peak lift when the spring is fully compressed, and that reduced load is a major factor in the increased life of the springs and valvetrain.

Learn more by watching the video!

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  1. Joseph Brunetti says:

    Great article on valve springs

  2. Norm MacDonald says:

    Where’s Billy?

  3. vern niswander says:

    are you going to make them for Harley Davidsons this sounds good for them.

  4. Question on bottom of of new 5.0liter v8 ford mustang ? Is it .050 or .005 bore on main bearing?

  5. Tommy Hilburn says:

    Very nice video on the new conical valve springs. I will check this out in the future.

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  7. Ed petrocelli says:

    I ordered a set with retainers locaters and shims in April 4th Still don’t have them it’s now July 27th 2021

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