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aub-544901Auburn Gear MAX Lock Lockers

Put the power to both wheels, all the time. Auburn Gear’s MAX Lock is a full locker, automatically locking both drive wheels to deliver traction when needed and unlocking when you need to turn. Auburn Gear says the MAX Lock can optimize traction in a two-wheel drive vehicle better than many OEM all-wheel drive systems. That’s serious grip.

Perhaps best of all, the MAX Lock is a drop-in replacement that fits factory open gear carriers. That makes it more affordable than other lockers which require a complete case replacement.

The MAX Lock is made from heat-treated billet steel with a black oxide finish. Summit Racing has MAX Lock lockers for passenger car, truck, and 4WD applications.


• GM 8.5 inch 10-bolt
• GM 8.875 inch 12-bolt, passenger car and truck
• Ford 9 inch and 10.25 inch
• Chrysler 9.25 inch
• Dana 30 and Dana 30 Jeep, Dana 35
• Toyota 8 and 8.875 inch
• Suzuki 6.9 inch


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