Twenty years is a long time to wait for a car; however if it is the right car, twenty years is worth the wait. That is exactly what Dan Tartabini did for this 1967 Chevy Chevelle, and we agree it was worth the wait.

Once Dan was able to work out a deal to buy the car in 2013, he dove right in and began to work to freshen up the mechanicals of the car all in the course of three weeks. The small block 355 Chevy engine is topped off with a massive supercharger that Dan had rebuilt and fed with a set of Holley carburetors. With all of that air going in to the engine, Dan had the headers coated by Jet Hot Coatings and installed the freshly polished stainless steel exhaust to give the engine room to breathe. All of the power is put to the ground through a ladder bar suspension and a Ford 9-inch rear end.

Because he wanted to have a lot of “show” to go along with the “go” up front, Dan, along with his friends and brother, spent quite a bit of time to make sure that every nut and bolt was replaced and the car’s chrome was brought back to its original luster. Dan kept the Chevelle interior completely stock, sticking with the factory seats and center console. Dan says that all of the gauges, lights, right down to the clock are in perfect working order.

Thankfully, Dan has a whole summer of car shows and cruise-ins planned, and the Summit Racing Equipment Piston Powered Autorama was just the first stop of many.  So if you are wandering past a blue 1967 Chevelle with a blower sticking out of the hood, stop and say hi to Dan and ask about the other projects sitting in his garage.

Author: Al DiVencenzo

Al is a contributor to OnAllCylinders