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10 Savvy (and Not-So Savvy) Car Tips…from Mom, With Love!

Without a doubt, most car advice comes from dad. But once in a while, we find moms with 110-octane and motor oil coursing through their veins.

And once in a while these high-horsepower moms provide the kind of automotive (life?) advice that stays with us forever.

In honor of Mother’s Day, our friends running Summit Racing’s Facebook page asked you: “What’s the best car advice MOM ever gave you?”

Because our in-house CIA operative was busy, we didn’t get the chance to vet these mom tips for authenticity. So, some of these might not be true.

But we’re pretty sure this first one is:

“Leave the car stock.” – Travis R.’s mom


“You can’t afford it.” – Juan A.’s mom


“It takes a Mopar to catch a Mopar!” – Tom F.’s mom


“Sweetheart, you need to drop the hammer an instant before the light flips green, otherwise you won’t get the holeshot!” – Bill D.’s mom


“Go buy your own insurance if you are going to run the track.” – Erick G.’s mom


“Go ask your dad.” – Jeff O.’s mom


“I told you not to buy that P.O.S.” – Dallas T.’s mom


“Every time you touch the brake you are wasting gas.” – Scott C.’s mom


“Get a job so you can buy your own gas!” – Jon G.’s mom

“Call your grandpa.” – Christopher L.’s mom

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