Most of us have a crazy uncle.

You know the one—unsophisticated, loud, and little rough around the edges. And just a whole lot of fun.

Robert Killian’s 2,000-horsepower 1928 Model A is that crazy uncle in automotive form. This one-of-a-kind “rat rod” still features its original paint, giving it that unrefined patina look. Inside, an 820-cubic-inch Ford engine and NHRA-certified roll cage reveal the car’s crazy side. Killian expects the Model A to rocket into the 6.70s in the quarter-mile in the near future.

It even has a crazy uncle name: Uncle Jed.

Although Uncle Jed has some of the telltale features of a rat rod–patina finish, old school hot rodder engineering, chopped and lowered look—he has some pretty high-brow qualities. In addition to the big cubic-inch engine, it sits on twin-rail drag chassis and includes a Powerglide 2-speed transmission, carbon fiber hood scoop, and 16 x 15 Mickey Thompson slicks.

Although the car hauls asphalt on the track, it’s also completely street-legal. Killian simply removes the slicks and wheelie bars and Uncle Jed is road-ready.

Check out the video below and let Killian tell you even more about his crazy Uncle Jed.

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Author: David Fuller

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