“Big Daddy” Don Garlits and the SR-37 “Quest for 200 MPH on Batteries” EV Dragster will take to the test track at 10 am on April 30 in a private session at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, FL. The much-anticipated full systems test of the stunning completed dragster will take place on the recently resurfaced quarter-mile dragstrip of the beautiful and historic Bradenton facility.

The SR-37 team will converge early next week on “Don’s Garage” at the world-famous “Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing” for the final installation of the battery pack and integration of the motors and Manzanita Micro “Zilla” Controllers. Garlits will be joined by battery engineer Derek Barger of HighTech Systems LLC who recently completed the incredible 2014 SR-37 Lithium Polymer battery package. Shawn Lawless of Lawless Industries will be on hand to tune and tweak the 6-pack of GE motors furnished by Crescent Electrical Supply Company. The fully integrated powerplant will produce a peak power of 1500 kilowatts–that’s over 2,000 horsepower–and will launch Big Daddy nearly as quickly as a Top Fuel dragster.

In preparation for the test, the 82-year-old Garlits brings the project full-circle:

“It has been over two years now since the idea for an attempt to reach ‘200 MPH on Batteries’ in a dragster came to mind,” Garlits said. “Several times the project seemed stalled, but due to the wonderful team effort, we were able to continue. Next week the team and I will travel to the Bradenton dragstrip with Swamp Rat 37 and wring it out.”

Garlits was confident on the prospects for the test.

“All seems well and I believe we should be able to exceed the 200-mph mark with ease,” he said. “Pray for my safety…and some good weather.”

Please check the Quest for 200MPH Twitter page for updates on this exciting EV technology project.

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