Like hitting the open road by yourself—alone with just your bike and your thoughts?

Then Cardo Systems’ Scala Rider Q1 Headsets aren’t for you, Lone Wolf.

But for those of us that like to ride in pairs, or even in packs, these headsets are a bit of a game-changer. The headsets allow a rider to talk to their passenger, and the system will automatically link up with other nearby riders, too. The system offers Full Duplex operation—that means you can talk back and forth just like you would on a telephone.

The headsets integrate seamlessly with up to two Bluetooth-enabled smartphones for hands-free calling. You simply uses voice commands to make, take, or reject phone calls. The system also allows riders to pipe in music, either via an external MP3 player or through the built-in FM radio. You can also connect a GPS device to hear spoken direction prompts through the headset as well.

Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q1 Headsets automatically adjust loudness to ambient wind and engine noise, ensuring a consistent optimal audio level. And when a phone call comes through, there’s an automatic mute feature that allows the call to be heard clearly. Two headset units are included with the system and each comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 10 hours of talk time and a full week on standby.

The microphone module will fit inside virtually any helmet.