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Automotive Paint Guide (Part 4): How to Choose the Right Automotive Paint Primer

Automotive paint primers serve a variety of purposes. Depending on which type you use, primer can offer corrosion-resistance for your sheet metal, provide the necessary adhesion for your topcoat, fill in or cover up surface imperfections, and ensure a nice, even finish for your paint job.

So which type of primer is right for your project?

This latest installment of our Automotive Paint Guide covers the most common types of primers: epoxy primer, self-etching primer, and high-build primer.

Unsure of how much paint and primer you actually need to buy? Use this Paint Volume Guide from Summit Racing’s tech experts.

With help from the guys at Summit Racing, you’llĀ better understand the purposes of each type of primer and learn which primer might be right for your specific application. You’ll get some valuable tips to make sure your primer application goes smoothly.

Take a look:

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  1. Jennifer Cheeseman (Miss) says:

    In the sixties, we had a brush on cellulose coach finish paint in the UK. You needed a squirrel hair brush to avoid any brush strokes and it dried with a terrific finish in one or two coats. I forget the manufacturer but I was wondering if it is available in Canada. The name was something like brushing Belco?
    Enjoy the quick flicks, thank you.

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