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Christmas Past: Revisiting Some of Our Favorite Car Gifts—and Commercials

There’s something about Christmas that makes us kinda nostalgic.

We’d be hard pressed to think of better childhood memories than Christmas Days spent playing with our favorite new toys. It’d be even harder to think of a more exciting time than the days leading up to Christmas morning.

As pseudo-adults (on most days), we’re still excited by the Christmas season, but it’s not quite the same. Maybe it’s just the added adult responsibilities…or the prolonged holiday shopping season that starts in mid-October…or an extended hangover from Grandma’s holiday rum balls. Or maybe the holidays just need more classic toy commercials like the ones we’ve unearthed below.

They make us feel nostalgic…how about you?

Matchbox Cars: 1979

Evil Knievel Stunt and Crash Car: 1975

Tyco Double Loop Slot Car Set: 1977

Tyco Daredevil Cliff Hangers: 1980s

Marx Batmobile: 1960s

Matchbox SuperFast Racers: 1971

HOT WHEELS Dynamite Crossing: 1985

Stomper 4×4 Trucks: 1980s

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