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Video: The All-Electric BIGFOOT #20 Monster Truck

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The all-new, all-electric BIGFOOT #20 is anything but your average eco-friendly vehicle.

This monster truck operates on 36 ODYSSEY P1200 batteries—30 to power’s the truck’s electric engine at 360 volts, and six to power the steering and brake systems.

Bigfoot 4×4 Inc. unveiled the world’s quietest monster truck at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas last week. You can see more photos of, and read more about, this groundbreaking truck here.

Meanwhile, you better have a look and listen at this slick two-and-a-half-minute video showing off the new truck’s first car crush. The gang at Bigfoot says this truck has a lot more power than it shows here. Great stuff all around. Enjoy!


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