Got questions? 

We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re covering carry-over parts from a stock 305 to a Chevrolet Performance 350.

M.B. • East Haven, CT
Q: I have a 1986 Monte Carlo SS running the original 305 and 200-R4 tranny. I plan on dropping in a Chevrolet Performance Parts 350 soon. In the meantime, I’ve bolted up an Edelbrock Performer 600 cfm carb and intake manifold to the 305 for some added performance. My question is, will I be able to carry this setup over to the 350? What about a set of headers?

A: The basic difference between your Monte’s stock 305 and the Chevrolet Performance 350 boils down to the size of the pistons, which means that all of the external partsincluding your carb and manifoldcan be interchanged. But rather than swapping over your Edelbrock setup, you might consider pairing the stock GM 750 cfm Quadrajet to an Edelbrock Performer EGR manifold. This way, you’ll stay emissions-legal, keep that nice power boost, and even pick up a couple miles-per-gallona nice combo!

Just like the carb and manifold, your exhaust components can be swapped, too. Try a set of ceramic-coated Edelbrock TES Headers for a healthy bump of dyno-proven horsepower without having to worry about the emissions police. And while you’re at it, finish off your exhaust with a Dynomax Super Turbo cat-back system. The 2.25-inch mandrel-bent tubing is large enough to increase horsepower without hindering exhaust flow and low-end torque…not to mention it looks great!