It’s been nearly five months since we’ve had an update on Denny Terzich’s latest ProRides endeavor, Project X-BOX.

And as you’ll see, a lot can change in just five months!

We suggest you start by checking out our last post on the Pro Touring 1955 Chevy to see what the project is all about—Art Morrison Max G chassis, Procharger-fed GM LSX engine, and loads of custom fabrication. Recent developments include:

The Passing of Larry Zimmerman
Sadly, Larry Zimmerman of Zimmerman Automotive passed away at the age of 55. Zimmerman was a lead fabricator on Project X-BOX, and Terzich and his team have dedicated the build to him.

Nathan Durst Takes Over Fabrication
With the untimely death of Zimmerman, Nathan Durst, of NCD Specialties, has taken over fabrication work on the car. Clay Cook, of Clay Cook Enterprises, has also supplied some some one-off pieces, including LS header flanges for Project X-BOX’s powerplant. Once the doors, interior, and roll cage have been fabricated, Steel City Motoring will provide the paint.

1,500-Horsepower LS
Kevin, of KMP Performance and Machine, will build the 1,500-horsepower GM LS motor with a road racing focus. Kevin built Terzich’s Drag Week motors that produced almost 3,000 horsepower. Project X-BOX is now expected to make its debut in the spring.

Check out the gallery above for in-progress photos.

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Author: David Fuller

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