Got questions?

We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re talking drag radials vs. slicks.                             

S.B. • Alamosa, CO
Q: I have a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda with a fresh, high-horsepower 440 in it. It runs great, but I really need some new rubber. I know that drag radials are great in the fact that you can go right from the street to the strip without having to change tires, and they’ll let you run in the grooves with them, but how well do they perform on the street? Would it be better to have some performance tires for cruising and a separate pair of slicks for when I go to the strip?

A: With a 440 under the hood, it’s no surprise that your fish is in need of some sticky rubber! In choosing tires, your choices depend on where you drive and how fast you want to go. If your ‘Cuda only sees occasional track time, we’d recommend a set of Goodyear drag radials—they’re great on the street, and you’ll still be able to hook up to the track (just stay out of the water). If you spend more time at the strip, the faster ETs may justify the added expense of a second set of wheels wrapped in slicks.