B.D. • Goldsboro, NC
Q: My Ford Fairlane has a shifter problem! I tried to install a Hurst Pro-Matic on my rebuilt C-6 transmission but I can’t seem to get the gearing right. I put it in park, adjust the cable, and it goes through all of the gears fine. But then it stops working. Am I adjusting it wrong? How should I install it?

A: Shifters can be a bit finicky and most transmissions have a long range for the park position. This combination can make cable adjustments a tough task. The best way to install your Pro-Matic is to put the shifter in first gear and your transmission in first gear. Then, attach the cable. Unhook the cable and repeat this process for all the gears and make sure the Fairlane doesn’t move in park. These steps should set up the proper gearing.