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Project Wild Violence: A Rare Bird From Down Under

Check out hundreds of photos from Super Summit, which took place at Summit Racing world headquarters in Ohio.

Meanwhile, half a world away…

We thought this would be a great time to do a total 180 and show you what’s happening on the opposite side of the world from America’s Heartland—down under in Australia. Roy Velardi, editor of Australia’s Street Fords magazine, caught our attention with this twin-turbo XY Falcon GT replica—and that was just the beginning. As it turns out, Roy isn’t the only one in the Velardi family with a passion for hot rodding.

Read about Roy Velardi’s Project Wild Violence Falcon GT replica here:


Check out what else is happening in the Velardi family garage here:


There’s a whole big world out there–and it’s filled from top to bottom with hot rods, car guys, and cool ideas.

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