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Forbes Magazine Unveils its 10 Fastest Rides for Under $50,000

Supercars are like super models. They’re exotic, stunningly beautiful, fun to stare at—and completely unattainable for the everyman.

That’s why Forbes magazine has once again dedicated an article to the 10 fastest cars that are affordable to the masses. Keep in mind, this is Forbes magazine, so “affordable” is defined as $50,000 or less. Your (and my) experience may vary.

Still, this list is interesting to us, because it speaks to a large audience of performance enthusiasts, and it includes a strong showing by some of your favorite American-made muscle. How do the Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, and other late-model muscle cars stack up—if at all?

Check out the Forbes’  10 Fastest Rides for Under $50,000.

Supercars may be like super models, but there’s also something very appealing about a powerful, sexy (and gettable) American beauty.

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