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Paint Shop: Dupli-Color Shows Off Its Paint Shop Paint System

Hitting triple digits on a speedometer? Fun.
Strapping into a 1,000-horsepower race rocket? Exhilarating.
Painting your vehicle? Now that’s scary—at least to some hot rodders.

We know lots of seasoned, do-it-yourself car guys—guys who have completely torn down engines and rebuilt them from scratch—who are afraid of paint. They’ll go elbows deep in grease and assembly lube, but they’re practically terrified to get a little automotive paint on their hands.

That’s why Dupli-Color introduced its 1979 El Camino project vehicle. The company wanted to show just how easy it is to complete a professional-looking paint job with its paints and primers. In a recent post, we showed you how to apply Dupli-Color primers. Now the paint experts at Dupli-Color are ready to demonstrate how to spray the base, mid, and clear coats.

There is definitely an art to painting a vehicle, but according to Dupli-Color, you don’t have to be Picasso or Van Gogh to complete an automotive masterpiece. All you need is the right equipment, quality paint products, a little bit of patience—and a couple of good ears to listen to the videos below.

See…you’re already one step ahead of Van Gogh. See below!



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