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Just the other day, some OnAllCylinders staff members were out to lunch. And that’s when a guy looking exactly like Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn drove into the parking lot. You’d think looking like a day-walking vampire would be interesting enough. But no. This man’s truck stole the show.

A relatively new black Chevy Silverado 1500. By itself, it’s just your run-of-the-mill pickup. But this guy had done everything right. Tonneau cover. Step bars. Chrome exhaust tips. Window visors. Custom fuel cap. The truck was beautiful.

Even if he didn’t have super-charm vampire powers, the rest of us knew: This cat was cooler than we were. He had the wheels to prove it.

Today is about accessorizing your rig for spring. Take a look outside. Rain or shine, tricking out your truck has to be among the top three best-possible things you could ever consider doing at this exact moment.

Our list of seven truck accessories will provide some food for thought on the ways in which some relatively simple add-ons can enhance your truck-driving experience in all driving conditions. And have you looking pretty spectacular in the process.

Floor Liners

A cost-effective way to prolong the life of your truck’s carpeting, floor liners are typically made from rubbers and flexible plastics to give your interior the all-weather protection you want. Available for the front and back seat floors, liners feature high outer walls to contain water, dirt, spills, mud, and more from damaging your carpet.

Floor Mats

Functionally, floor mats are not significantly different than floor liners. But they are a different option for your truck’s floor-protection needs. Maybe you like the look better. In addition to prolonging the life of your truck’s carpeting, floor mats can enhance the look of your vehicle. Add floor mats. Your interior will thank you.

Bed Liners

Whether you’re looking for a drop-in plastic bed liner, carpet, or spray-on foam, there are several truck bed lining options that can provide the look and protection you seek. Whether you’re pulling some light landscaping duty, or just want to cover up some unsightly scratches, a new bed liner is a great way to spruce up your rig this spring.

Tonneau Covers

Short of the perfect set of wheels and tires, does any truck accessory add more to a truck than a rockin’ tonneau cover? We think not. From rigid tri-folds to soft roll ups, tonneau covers are great for keeping your cargo dry, protecting your bed, or simply hiding any unsightliness. No matter what state your bed is in, adding a tonneau cover to your truck is never a bad idea.

Step Bars

Much like tonneau covers, step bars serve the dual purpose of improving your truck’s looks while offering a practical application—an aid in climbing into a lofty cab and sure footing for most any weather condition. But even if weather and lifted cabs aren’t concerns, the mere fact that will make your truck look awesome is reason enough to consider adding them.

Window Visors

Window visors are an excellent solution for those interested in keeping fresh air circulating in their cab in all weather conditions. Window visors bring a subtle styling to your truck and are a pretty inexpensive upgrade. Chrome, tinted, or painted, side window visors are a breeze to install and will enhance your ride no matter what you’re driving, or where you’re driving it.

Bug Guards

It’s a simple thing—a bug guard. Also called a hood shield, these relatively inexpensive little deflectors protect your truck’s hood and windshield from bugs, rocks, and other debris. The really fantastic part is they somehow improve the look of your front end while doing so. So no matter what you call them—bug guards or hood shields—get one.

Before Eddie Murphy’s vampire doppelganger starts calling you weak sauce.

Author: Matt Griswold

After a 10-year newspaper journalism career, Matt Griswold spent another decade writing about the automotive aftermarket and motorsports. He was part of the original OnAllCylinders editorial team when it launched in 2012.