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Dec 07 2012

Rodder’s Home Journal: Exploring Hot Rod Gifts for Every Room of the House

You’re a car guy. Your love for hot rodding doesn’t end when you close up the garage or shop and head inside your house for the night. You bring your passion for high performance everywhere, including your kitchen, den, office, and—dare we say it, even the bathroom. That’s why your friends at OnAllCylinders have put …

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Sep 28 2012

Friday Road Trip: Celebrate the Rebirth (sort of) of Famed Route 66

It has been 27 years since Route 66, America’s original east-west highway connecting Chicago to Los Angeles, was decommissioned. Now, it seems the Mother Road is making a comeback of sorts. In 1999, the National Route 66 Preservation Bill was signed into law. Disney Pixar’s Cars movie brought the legendary road back to life (at least for …

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