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Apr 05 2013

Factory Five/Summit Racing Mk4 Build (Part 5): Finishing the Interior and Other Details

Some say a project car is never done, since you can always add something else to enhance its style or performance. But in the case of our Summit Racing/Factory Five Mk4 roadster project, we have arrived at the endpoint and are ready to hit the street. Like most things, the devil is in the details. …

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Jan 05 2013

Parts Bin: Factory Five Mk4 Drivetrain Combos, Chromoly Driveshafts & More

From time-to-time, OnAllCylinders will provide a peek at some of the newest products and deals that can help get your next project on track for less. Check out what’s in our parts bin this week: Summit Racing/Factory Five Mk4 Roadster 306 Combos An affordable alternative to the 427-cubic-inch 351W used in the popular Summit Racing/Factory …

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Dec 06 2012

Factory Five/Summit Racing Mk4 Build (Part 3): Engine and Drivetrain

There’s usually at least one thing missing from a kit project: the engine. While Factory Five supplies most of what’s needed to complete the Mk4 roadster, getting it running on the road requires some horsepower. That’s where Summit Racing comes into the picture, drawing on 45 years of experience to help you pick just the …

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Nov 15 2012

Factory Five/Summit Racing Mk4 Build (Part 2): Rear Suspension

In our first installment on Summit Racing’s Cobra Project, we covered in general the scope of the buildup, and then got down to the details on installing the front suspension and steering rack. With the front end basically done (except for brake lines and alignment, which we’ll cover later), we next proceeded with assembling the …

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Oct 18 2012

Factory Five/Summit Racing Mk4 Build (Part 1): Front Suspension and Steering

When Summit Racing chose to a build a Sixties-style Cobra roadster, focusing solely on the past was not an option. This project not only captures the sound and fury of a classic muscle car, but also benefits from decades of development in automotive technology. Everything on the chassis, from the frame rails to the custom …

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