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Dec 18 2013

Christmas Buyer’s Guide: 10 Hot Rod-Related Kid’s Toys

Here’s to childhood memories: The pure exhilaration of power-braking your Big Wheel sideways into your brother’s Green Machine… the never-ending fun of ramming your RC truck repeatedly into your big sister’s ankles… the sheer joy of winding up your Evel Knievel stunt bike and launching it at the neighbor’s cat. Good times. Why wouldn’t you want …

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Dec 06 2013

10 Man Cave Items to Hot Rod Your Home

The holiday season always gets our gift-giving wheels turning. Inevitably, while shopping for others, we stumble on stuff we want, too. Bonus. If you’re a man, you have trouble shopping. If you’re shopping for a man, you’re in trouble. But here are 10 ideas for every home and budget situation that can fill your little …

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Nov 29 2013

Black Friday Finds: Tools, Toys, Trinkets & More

Sure, you could camp out next to Best Buy for a chance to score Black Friday deals. You could wake up at 3 a.m. and fight traffic in your quest for the best holiday deals. Or you could get trampled by a herd of bargain-hunting housewives on a mission for this year’s hot ticket holiday item. But …

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Dec 07 2012

Rodder’s Home Journal: Exploring Hot Rod Gifts for Every Room of the House

You’re a car guy. Your love for hot rodding doesn’t end when you close up the garage or shop and head inside your house for the night. You bring your passion for high performance everywhere, including your kitchen, den, office, and—dare we say it, even the bathroom. That’s why your friends at OnAllCylinders have put …

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