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May 22 2013

Super Summit/TruckFest Rewind: Our Favorite Haulers from 2012

With Super Summit 2013 slated for June 21-22, we wanted to take some time to revisit some of our favorite vehicles from last year’s Super Summit and TruckFest shows. For 2013, Summit Racing is combining Super Summit and TruckFest into one large, two-day event. If you can get there, you should get there. (Read: The …

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Oct 09 2012

Video: Team FMX Motocross Group Performs Stunt Show at TruckFest 2012

The crew at PowerSports Place captured some pretty sick video of Team FMX doing what they do. The motocross stunt team put on an awesome show at Summit Racing’s TruckFest earlier this month. We loved it. The crowd loved it. Hopefully you will too. It’s easy to forget how dangerous some of these tricks are …

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Oct 04 2012

TruckFest Rewind: Rare Australian 1946 Ford Ute Delights

Anytime there is only six of something, we can’t help but take notice. Especially when that something is Buffalo wings, or adult beverages, or in this case—a super-rare 1946 Ford Coupe Utility of Australian descent that we spotted at Summit Racing’s TruckFest last month. It is one of only six registered in the United States. …

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Sep 20 2012

TruckFest Photo Gallery: Big Lifts, 4x4s & More

Like playing in the mud, climbing over rocks, and driving over slow cars (and lots of other stuff)? Then you’ll surely enjoy this one last photo gallery from Summit Racing’s TruckFest 2012. We’ve gone into beast mode by creating a gallery exclusively dedicated to the tall, taller, and tallest lifted and 4×4 rigs of the show. Enjoy!

Sep 19 2012

TruckFest Photo Gallery: Engines

In 1991, C+C Music Factory gave us “Things that make you go hmmm….” This past weekend, Summit Racing’s TruckFest in Tallmadge, OH gave us things that make you go vroooom. Everyone loves a beautiful body, but without a healthy ticker, she’s just an empty shell. There were plenty of cool engines on display at TruckFest. …

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Sep 18 2012

TruckFest Photo Gallery: Pavement Scrapers

You just never know what you’ll find amongst the sport truck crowd. For example, at TruckFest 2012, we spied some wicked paint jobs and wild graphics, suicide and lambo doors, one-off wheels, beautiful custom bodywork, and more. One thing we didn’t find? Ground clearance. Enjoy this gallery of frame-scraping, pavement-kissing sport trucks from TruckFest 2012:  

Sep 17 2012

TruckFest Photo Gallery: Classic Haulers

What could possibly symbolize tough, hard-working, nose-to-the-grindstone America better than a classic American pickup truck? Whether these old trucks once patrolled the nation’s farms or transported the country’s workforce to the jobsite, they still represent our strong work ethic well. It’s apparent that same strong work ethic, along with some engineering creativity, came into play …

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Sep 15 2012

TruckFest Photo Gallery: Jeep

When we look at Jeeps, we always marvel at how well they age. In fact, if they didn’t drive over stuff, it would probably be our favorite thing about them. If you’re a huge Jeep fan, you should also check out photos from our visit to the Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival in August. A handful …

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Sep 15 2012

Freestyle Motocross Group—Team FMX—Wows TruckFest Crowd

Team FMX brought its freestyle motocross magic to Summit Racing’s TruckFest this past weekend in Tallmadge, OH and rocked a few faces in the process. Team FMX owner Travis Willis and professional motocross freestyler Paul Smith put on a few fantastic stunt shows for the TruckFest crowd, wowing kids and parents, alike. We captured some …

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Sep 15 2012

TruckFest Photo Gallery: Afternoon Stroll

The second shift is here. The late-morning/afternoon crowd continues to roll into TruckFest. And with most of the early morning crowd still here, that means there are lots of trucks—and lots to see. Here’s a small sampling:

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