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Jun 16 2013

2nd Annual Dad’s Advice Awards: A Father’s Day Look at Some of Dad’s Best Advice

Where would we all be without the encouragement, support, and friendly advice of our fathers? Whether it’s positive words of wisdom or a verbal kick in the you-know-what, dads have a unique way of sharing their knowledge and experience with us. Sometimes the delivery and tone can be suspect, but dads are rarely afraid to pass along wisdom about …

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Jun 07 2013

Gift Guide: Help Dad Mark His Territory—Like a Wolf

If you’re anything like us, you often find yourself just living your busy life and all the sudden—BAM!—total panic sets in because that thing (wedding, baby shower, birthday, graduation, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc.) is any day now, and you haven’t bought a gift yet. Well, this is for you, our procrastinating brethren and …

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Jun 17 2012

The Top 10 Families—and Fathers—in Racing

Father’s Day gets us thinking about dads. Writing about cars gets us thinking about racing. So it was only a matter of time before we started thinking about dads in racing. And think about it, we did. Who are the best father-son (or in the case of the Forces, the best father-daughter) tandems or groups …

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Jun 16 2012

Race Dads: Anderson, Line Share Their Thoughts on Father’s Day

Some people celebrate Father’s Day at a ballgame, car show—or even just hanging out with Dad on his front porch. Others have to go to work. And in the case of Team Summit’s Greg Anderson and Jason Line, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Anderson and Line will compete in the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals in Bristol, …

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Jun 16 2012

Like Father, Like Son: Buzz & Andy Sollers’ Pair of Fords

Editors Note: This story originally appeared on on 4/30/2008. Everyone knows the old saying about the apple not falling far from the tree. In the case of Buzz Sollers and his son Andy, it’s more like the rodder not falling far from the old iron tree (or something like that). Each has built an …

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Jun 15 2012

1st Annual Dad’s Advice Awards: 20 Actual Tips from Gearhead Dads

Father’s Day is Sunday. Hopefully, you’ve picked out a nice Father’s Day gift for your old man in return for all the wisdom he’s gifted you with over the years. I mean seriously—where would we all be without wise advice like:       “Measure twice, cut once.”       “If it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it.” …

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Jun 13 2012

Three Gearhead-Approved Gifts from Genuine Hotrod Hardware

Father’s Day is closing in fast—or maybe it’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a “just because” day—and you need a killer gift for that special car enthusiast. Relax—Genuine Hotrod Hardware has three products that will knock the grease right off his or her T-shirt: Hot Wheels Elite Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Die-Cast This 1:18 scale Hot Wheels …

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Jun 08 2012

By Dads, For Dads: 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Who’s harder to buy for than a dad? We know. We have them, too. In fact, we are them. Making us pretty good candidates for helping you choose a well-received Father’s Day gift. Almost always, tools are a great place to start. We’ve shared a couple options below. It’s pretty hard to get tools wrong. …

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Jun 01 2012

Need Father’s Day Gift Ideas? Add Some Muscle to Dad’s Man Cave!

Ah, the man cave. It’s that magical, happy place where the beer is always cold, the remote control is always within reach, and scratching and belching is not only allowed but encouraged. It’s also the sanctuary—the “mantuary”, if you will—where dads go to escape surly wives, fighting kids, and all things unmanly (no scented candles …

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