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Third time’s the charm. While the Mustang wears the best of three fiberglass hoods, it still needed some work before it would pass muster with the Millers. “The scoop was too narrow,” Aaron Miller said. “We had to add about a quarter of an inch of fiberglass on each side.” (Image/Todd Kaminski - Maguire Photo)
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Leading Lady: Aaron and Lauren Miller’s 1968 Mustang Eleanor Tribute

It’s a Hollywood fairytale—a supporting actress comes out of nowhere, steals the spotlight, and becomes the star of the movie. So it was in the year 2000, when “Eleanor”—the iconic […]

(Image/Car Craft Magazine - Jeff Smith & Dave Knapp)
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The Elite Laser 917, Summit Racing’s First Project Car

It’s not uncommon for a big automotive parts company to sponsor a project car, and Summit Racing is no exception. Through the decades, Summit Racing has supported dozens of vehicle builds—from […]

Armed with decades of under-the-hood knowledge and a good set of tools, Dave transformed this long-neglected 5-window farm truck into something truly special—all in his home garage!

“I set up my garage in stages,” Dave explains. “When I’m building and fabricating I have my welder and cutting tools. When it’s time to paint, I wheel everything out, wipe everything down, and now it’s my paint shop. I save a ton of money doing the work myself, but I have about a gazillion hours of labor in the truck—but I’m proud of it!”
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The Real Deal: Dave Plickert’s 1949 Chevy Pickup

Dave Plickert’s garage hides a rare and exquisite treasure. Squeeze past the beautifully resto-modded 1969 Camaro and the factory-fresh 1978 Corvette, slip by the classic Model A street rod, then […]

As a teenager, the baddest ride in Wilkins' hometown was an L79 Nova sporting Marina Blue paint over Bright Blue vinyl. When this lookalike showed up on Ebay more than 40 years later, he knew he had to have it
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True Blue: Jim Wilkins’ 1967 Chevy Nova SS

Very few of us can remember a time before we were car guys. Ever since that first ride home from the hospital, cars have helped define who we are. And […]

A true diamond from the heart of coal country, Danielle displays the Impala as The Coal Miner’s Daughter—a tribute to her father, who has since retired from the industry.
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The Scenic Route: Danielle Tackett’s 1964 Chevy Impala SS

Photography: Todd Biss Productions “Done.” Ask a dozen builders for the definition, and you’ll get a dozen different answers. For some, their car is done when it runs. For others, […]

With killer good looks and devastating horsepower, Hot Rod Mike’s immaculately prepared Nova is a fan favorite, and a serious threat to the other Renegade Racing Association competitors.
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Super Sport: Mike Pleveich’s 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS

Wearing a flawless Vermillion finish over arrow-straight bodywork, it’s easy to mistake “Hot Rod” Mike Pleveich’s 1972 Nova SS for a trailer queen. But when Pleveich loads his excellent X-body onto […]

Achieving perfection in his first attempt, Keith Sayers' show-stopping 1953 Ford F-250 is a testament to his resourcefulness and craftsmanship. "I repurposed what I had to make it look as good as I could," Sayers said. "Whatever parts I didn't have, I built," he said. "I'd cut the metal on our machines at work, bring it home, and weld it together. I built the frame, bed, tailgate, running boards, and bumpers," Sayers said. "The hood, fenders, and cab are original." But don't be fooled, Sayers repaired, reworked, smoothed, or otherwise modified those, too.
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Crafted Work: Keith Sayers’ 1953 Ford F-250

Building a show-stopping custom is no easy task. From the initial concept to the finished product, a project of this magnitude usually takes multiple builds to perfect. Keith Sayers achieved […]

Heirloom Torino: Randy Walker’s 1969 Ford Torino GT
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Heirloom Torino: Randy Walker’s 1969 Ford Torino GT

When you build a car that “wakes the neighbors,” you put yourself in a tricky position. You certainly want your high performance car to sound like one, and testing and […]

Big tires, Summit dually simulators, towing mirrors, and clearance lights give the vintage pickup a big dose of big rig style.
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Iron Man: Tony Pidala’s 1928 Ford Model A Truck

Sure, Tony Pidala can bend iron and steel at his will, but is he a superhero? The soft-spoken man has the vision of an artist and the courage to do […]

Fortunately, they had also decided to visit the Summit Racing Equipment Retail Store in Tallmadge, OH before heading out. They were able to get to the store, get the replacement parts they needed, and make the repairs right in the parking lot!
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Video Feature: Dennis Spencer’s 1958 Chevy Delray

You might call them one-hit-wonders or unicorns. Guys like Dennis Spencer call them their favorite vehicles to collect. “He has a serious thing for single-year cars,” says Libby Spencer, Dennis’s […]