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Apr 12 2014

Buyer’s Guide: 7 Great UTV Accessories Just In Time for Riding Season

The calendar says it’s riding season, making now the optimum time to accessorize your side by side for your upcoming off-road adventures. We explored the offerings of our friends at PowerSports Place, and came up with seven accessories that you should consider adding to your UTV to make the most of your riding experience. Spring …

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Feb 13 2014

Tool Guide: The 12 Tools Every Engine Builder Should Own

To build engines, you have to have tools. To build an engine properly, you need the proper tools. If you’re new to the high performance game and are building your first engine, we’ve compiled a list of twelve tools from our personal toolbox that ought to be in yours. None of these pieces are earth-shattering …

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Dec 18 2013

Buyer’s Guide: Our 10 Favorite Cragar SS Wheels

Cragar SS wheels are classics. They’ve been around as long as the American muscle car itself, and the forward-thinking designers at Cragar have continued to roll out new flavors of the venerable SS over the past 50-plus years. Whether you’re into American muscle, classic street rods, or trucks, there is a set of Cragar SS wheels …

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Dec 18 2013

Christmas Buyer’s Guide: 10 Hot Rod-Related Kid’s Toys

Here’s to childhood memories: The pure exhilaration of power-braking your Big Wheel sideways into your brother’s Green Machine… the never-ending fun of ramming your RC truck repeatedly into your big sister’s ankles… the sheer joy of winding up your Evel Knievel stunt bike and launching it at the neighbor’s cat. Good times. Why wouldn’t you want …

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Dec 14 2013

Buyer’s Guide: Hot Rod Apparel for the Holidays

We’re getting down to it. Eleven days and counting. Are you in Christmas present scramble mode? At least one blog-post writer is. Good thing we know where to find some good last-minute gifts for everyone with a little 110-octane coursing through their veins. We rummaged through the racks at Genuine Hotrod Hardware, looking for great …

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Dec 06 2013

10 Man Cave Items to Hot Rod Your Home

The holiday season always gets our gift-giving wheels turning. Inevitably, while shopping for others, we stumble on stuff we want, too. Bonus. If you’re a man, you have trouble shopping. If you’re shopping for a man, you’re in trouble. But here are 10 ideas for every home and budget situation that can fill your little …

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Nov 29 2013

Black Friday Finds: Tools, Toys, Trinkets & More

Sure, you could camp out next to Best Buy for a chance to score Black Friday deals. You could wake up at 3 a.m. and fight traffic in your quest for the best holiday deals. Or you could get trampled by a herd of bargain-hunting housewives on a mission for this year’s hot ticket holiday item. But …

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Oct 18 2013

Video: Top 10 Winter Storage Tips for Vehicles

Old Man Winter is crusty old coot. He’s cold, miserable, and he hates your hot rod worse than loud rock ‘n roll music and new-fangled cellular devices. In fact, winter (we like to refer to him by last name only) is more than willing to do harm to your prized vehicle, so sometimes it’s just …

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Sep 21 2013

Buyer’s Guide: Off-Road Wheels and Tires

Are you the kind of driver that prefers mud, dirt, and rocks to smooth pavement? We understand. One of the most-important components of your off-road machine is your wheels and tires. You need wheels to look like the baddest mother around. And you need tires to actually move out there in the wilderness. That’s why …

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Aug 16 2013

Buyers Guide: Speed Freaks Hot Rod Collectibles

Speed Freaks Das Biest

Speed Freaks are the brain child of artist Terry Ross. Ross has mastered the art of making hot rod figurines look like they’re going fast, even when they’re sitting still. Speed Freaks were once dubbed the “Gift of the Year” by the Giftware Association in the United Kingdom, where Ross is from. Collecting things isn’t …

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