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Parts Bin: Gennie Shifters

Gennie Shifter earned its chops making shifters to fit modern automatic transmissions in early street rods, 1940s and ‘50s cars, and classic trucks. The Gennie Shifter Lo-Stik shifter assembly is […]

The throttle body is equipped with this -6AN fitting on the fuel inlet. MSD includes a barb adapter that allows you to use a push-on hose. (Image/Wayne Scraba)
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MSD Makes Switching to Fuel Injection Easy with Atomic EFI Master Kit

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) has been around for decades, but plenty of hot-rodders remain spooked by the systems: “There are wires running everywhere.” “You need dozens of sensors.” “There are […]

Here's an AEM wideband air/fuel UEGO guage and an AEM boost gauge installed in a Dodge Neon SRT-4 (Image/SRT Forums)
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Parts Bin: AEM Electronics Wideband Air/Fuel UEGO Gauge Kit

Your engine’s air/fuel mix is really, really, really important. (Really.) Here’s why: If you’re running too rich, you’ll get poor performance, lower fuel economy, and increased emissions. If you’re too […]

(All Images/QuickJack)
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Parts Bin: QuickJack Vehicle Lifts

Think putting a vehicle lift in your home garage is a pipe dream? Think again, friend. QuickJack Vehicle Lifts are plenty strong enough for most cars and pickup trucks, yet […]

(Image/Planet 9)

Transmission Fluid 101: Which ATF is Right for Your Vehicle?

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is a completely different beast than engine oil or manual transmission gear oil because it does way more than lubricate. Think about it. Automatic transmissions and […]


Parts Bin: AutoMeter DashLink OBD-II Digital Gauge/Monitor System

Got a smartphone? Then, with AutoMeter’s DashLink system, you’ve got a powerful vehicle diagnostic system, gauge package, and datalogger all rolled in there too. Just download the DashLink app to […]

This 1953 Chevy 3100 sports a set of Hagan Necessities Fatties Mirrors.

Parts Bin: Hagan Street Rod Necessities Fatties Mirrors

Got a classic 1920s to 1950s-era vehicle? Then you probably know a thing or two about blind spots. Stylish as they are, vintage cars and trucks aren’t known to have […]

(Image/Chevy Hardcore)

Parts Bin: Cam Motion Camshafts for the GM LS

LS engine enthusiasts are all too familiar with the infamous “sewing machine” sound that can come with an aftermarket performance cam swap. Basically what happens is the new cam affects […]

(Image/LSX Magazine)
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Ultimate Headers: Tailor Made for LS and Small Block Chevy Swaps

Seems like folks are shoving GM LS motors in everything short of washing machines these days, so our hats are off to the gang at Ultimate Headers. They’ve got a […]

Digital Guard Dawg systems are a smart way to add keyless entry and push-button start to a vintage muscle car or hot rod. (Image/Digital Guard Dawg)
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Parts Bin: Digital Guard Dawg Keyless Entry and Push-Button Start Systems

If you’ve got an older vehicle but want to enjoy the modern security and convenience of keyless entry and push-button starting, Digital Guard Dawg has your back. Its 2Go Keyless […]