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The complete install adds a custom two-tone appearance to the Silverado and provides a comfortable, yet very protective layer that is custom fitted to the vehicle, and delivered to your door with the fastest delivery time in the industry.
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Quick Tech: Getting the Perfect Fit with CalTrend’s Custom Seat Covers

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, at some point you’ll get a stain, tear, or the smell of that day-old burrito onto your truck’s new upholstery. This […]

With the spice-colored Supertop in place; the doors and windows are adjusted; and the Jeep is ready for the trail.
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Top Steps: How to Install a Bestop Supertop

Bestop Supertops offer the highest quality in function, fit, and style. And oh yeah—they’re simple to install. Really simple. We really like quick, easy tasks so we were pleasantly surprised at […]

The track T was driven as-is for a thousand miles before it was stripped down to the bare frame for a total restoration. During that thousand miles we determined the most important upgrade was to beef up the front suspension so the oil pan would cease smacking the pavement under certain conditions. During reconstructing the T there was no reason to disturb the original equipment oil pan as provided with the GM Performance Summit Racing part number NAL-10067353 small-block Chevrolet engine. There was a dent along with long deep scrapes filled with JB Weld, but there wasn’t a trace of an oil leak to be found.
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Low ‘N Show: How to Choose and Install a Chrome Oil Pan for a Lowered Vehicle

It’s all about a profile that looks cool. Having the right lowered stance is what sets a killer hot rod apart from a dorky looking hot rod. That said, driving low […]

The perforated holes inside the FR500’s exhaust tips are part of the key to its droneless demeanor since they work to change the frequency content of what comes out the tip.
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Powerful Sound with No Drone! Bolting On Ford Racing’s FR500 Mufflers For ’05-’09 Mustang GT and GT500

There’s a common checklist of parts and upgrades that every late model Mustang enthusiast wants to get for their car, and right at the top is almost always a good […]

The budget camping trailer’s first phase was completed several years ago and was finally ready for the trail.
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Trailer Upgrades: Raising Bumpers, Installing New Shocks and Electrical Components

An off-road New Mexico vacation in a camping trailer designed for Jeep and Chevrolet S10 pickups provided the evidence: the trailer desperately needed more stability on the rough terrain and […]

The pressure plate is installed next. Note the alignment tool that inserts through the splines of the clutch disc and engages in the end of the crankshaft. The centers the disc in the clutch assembly, preventing misalignment as the pressure plate is being bolted to the flywheel.
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Clutch Performer: Installing a RAM Clutch in a Drag Race Mustang Mach I

In the early spring of 2003, Gary Winter went to his local dealership to buy a pickup truck. On his way to the sales office to complete the truck transaction, […]

The included aluminum brackets made the installation easy.  They are universal brackets so we had to drill two new holes, but otherwise they bolted right in and hold the Black Magic fan and shroud securely in place.  The fan shroud has captured nuts to mount the brackets, and at the other end we drilled the holes to line up with mounting studs for the factory shroud.
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Magic Show: How to Install a Flex-a-lite Black Magic Electric Fan

Sometimes broken and worn out parts can be a blessing, because they give you an excuse to upgrade! That was the situation we were in recently when the fan clutch […]

We picked up our Chevy Silverado 2500HD for good price since it has a 6.0L gas engine and is a regular cab.  It just needed a boost in height to make room for some larger tires to set it apart from the crowd.
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On the Level: Installing a ReadyLift Leveling Kit on a Silverado 2500HD

Sometimes you don’t need a full-on suspension lift kit for your truck. Maybe you want to retain your truck’s towing abilities, keep a reasonable step-in height, or just don’t have […]

Let ‘er RIPP: The Hows and Whys of Installing a RIPP Supercharger on a 2012-14 Jeep JK
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Let ‘er RIPP: The Hows and Whys of Installing a RIPP Supercharger on a 2012-14 Jeep JK

We know what you might be thinking: “A supercharger for a Jeep? Why?” Fact is a 2012-14 3.6L Pentastar-powered Unlimited only makes about 189 horsepower at the wheels from the factory. […]

The plate is bolted into place and it’s time to route the air lines.
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Pump it Up! Installing a Pair of VIAIR Compressors to Keep Your Tires Aired up Forever

An on-board air compressor system can be a very comforting accessory. It can pump up your tires, run air tools, and keep your friends’ tires up as well. However, it can […]

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