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The finished product looks worlds better than where we started. Now this interior will be a lot more comfortable place to spend some time.
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Easy Interior Makeover: Updating a Tired Interior with DEI Boom Mat and Procar Seats

Horsepower is the holy grail we all love to chase, but who says you have to be uncomfortable doing it? While we worked to upgrade the performance of our 1978 Camaro project, […]

Another unique feature of Ford’s FE engine family is the intake manifold actually forms part of the base for the valvetrain. The rocker arms cannot be bolted up, nor the pushrods dropped into place, before the intake manifold is installed. This is an original Ford dual quad aluminum intake for this engine.
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Reviving the Top-Oiler: Stuffing Big Cubic Inches into a 427 While Maintaining a Strictly Stock Look

The 427 is one of Ford’s most successful and iconic engines. With its 4.630-inch bore spacing and characteristic deep skirted block, the 427 slots right into Ford’s FE family of […]