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Video: How to Test for a Bad Fuel Pump if Your Car Won’t Start


You hop in, turn the key, and your starter just cranks and cranks.

Your engine won’t start.

While the cause could be a range of issues related to fuel, compression, or spark, the fuel pump is often a likely culprit.

But, before you go spending your hard-earned money on a new fuel pump, the pros at Airtex will walk you through a comprehensive troubleshooting process.

That way you won’t risk wasting any cash on replacing a perfectly good pump if the real problem lies elsewhere.

The video starts with the easy and obvious stuff first, like relays and fuses, but then goes into some of the more advanced diagnostic procedures.

Though the car in question is a 2006 Toyota Corolla, the process is largely the same for most modern vehicles.

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  1. A clicking relay does not mean it’s making contact. Most relays have a diagram on the side of them so testing is easy without going to a parts store. If the diagram is not on the side of the relay simply google the design for a pin location diagram. One other thing that can be done is swap in a relay from another location.

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